History Reading List

Traditional Histories and Historical Sagas

  • Íslendingabók by Ari Þorgilsson
  • Landnámabók (several authors)
  • History of the Danes by Saxo Grammaticus (trans. by Peter Fisher, with commentary by Hilda Davidson) [Gesta Danorum]
  • Heimskringla by Snorri Sturluson (also listed under sagas)
  • Orkneyinga Saga (trans. H. Pálsson & P. Edwards)
  • Saga of the Jómsvíkings (trans. by Lee Hollander)
  • Vinland Sagas (trans. Keneva Kunz)
  • Kristni Saga (trans. Siân Grønlie)


  • A History of the Vikings by Gwyn Jones
  • The Oxford Illustrated History of the Vikings
  • The Vikings (rev. ed.) by Else Roesdahl
  • The Vikings by Robert Ferguson
  • The Vikings: A New History by Neil Oliver
  • The Age of the Vikings by Anders Winroth
  • The Norse Atlantic Saga: Being the Norse Voyages of Discovery and Settlement to Iceland, Greenland, and North America (2nd ed.) by Gwyn Jones
  • Viking Age Iceland by Jesse L. Byock
  • The Viking Road to Byzantium by Hilda Davidson
  • Viking: The Norse Warrior’s [Unofficial] Manual by John Haywood
  • Viking Age: Everyday Life During the Extraordinary Era of the Norsemen by Kirsten Wolf
  • Viking Language I: Learn Old Norse, Runes, and Icelandic Sagas by Jesse L. Byock (with historical vignettes)
  • A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic by Geir T. Zoëga

 Religion and Clash of Cultures

  • Cross and Scepter: The Rise of the Scandinavian Kingdoms from the Vikings to the Reformation by Sverre Bagge
  • Medieval Scandinavia: From Conversion to Reformation circa 800-1500 by Birgit and Peter Sawyer
  • The Conversion of Scandinavia: Vikings, Merchants, and Missionaries in the Remaking of Northern Europe by Anders Winroth
  • Women of the Reformation: From Spain to Scandinavia by Roland H. Bainton
  • The Scandinavian Reformation: From Evangelical Movement to Institutionalisation of Reform, ed. by Ole Peter Grell

 Modern Scandinavian History

  • Essays on Scandinavian History by H. Arnold Barton (18th-20th centuries)
  • A History of Scandinavia: Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland by T.K. Derry (includes 20th-century war years)
  • Scandinavia Since 1500 by Byron J. Nordstrom
  • Scandinavia in World Politics (Europe Today) by Christine Ingebritsen

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