The Northern Lights Reading Project is a place for me to explore and review the many books I’ve been collecting about the literature, history, and cultures of  Iceland and the Scandinavian countries (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland).  It’s a corner of the world’s literature that I have long had a fondness for, but which I did not cover directly in my book The Fictional 100. I plan to review books stretching from the sagas and eddas through modern historical fiction and the latest in Nordic Noir crime fiction. I couldn’t read these literatures without also developing a hefty curiosity about the region’s history, food, geography, and cultural legacy in general. I hope to have some guest posts as well from people who have first-hand knowledge and experience to share from these countries.

Check out the Project Reading Lists to get an idea of the range of books and subjects that will be included. If you have ideas of additional books or topics, please leave a comment, or contact me at lucy (at) fictional100.com.


Lucy Pollard-Gott holds a PhD in psychology from Princeton University, where she specialized in the psychology of the arts. As a psychologist and critic, she has published her research on literature, including journal articles on the structure of fairy tales, attribution theory and the novel, and the poetry of Wallace Stevens. Since publishing her book THE FICTIONAL 100: Ranking the Most Influential Characters in World Literature and Legend, she has enjoyed continuing to follow the fascinating, ongoing careers of her 100 most influential characters, reporting news of new books, films, and other sightings of their exploits, on Twitter, Facebook, and her other blog at fictional100.wordpress.com, where some of her best friends are still fictional…

Lucy Pollard-Gott

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  1. how come I’m discovering this 2nd blog of yours only now!!


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